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Dr. Roma J. Nall, DC

Personalized Blended Technique Methods

Striving to correct postural imbalances that allows for individuals to be able to regain movement and function with the reduction of pain for their own independent needs.


A Leading Chiropractor

Dr. Nall has been listed among the Ten Best in Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Chiropractors™ from 2016 to 2019.


Award Winning

Named Distinguished Doctor by Expert Networks, based on a thorough multi-phase process that evaluates influence, leadership, reputation and knowledge.

Experienced & Trusted

Dr. Roma Nall has over 36 years of hands-on healthcare experience. With nationwide recognition and trust, Dr. Roma Nall has spent the last seven years at her own practice.


Feel Better Faster

At Nall Advanced Chiropractic, we take the time needed to get you feeling right, faster. On your first visit, you can be sure that we will tailor a plan that fits your body’s needs.

You Just Need an Appointment

We set aside an extra hour every day to fit in last minute clients and have a daily waitlist available with typically low wait times.

No Extra Fees

With an expert eye watching over you, treatments will be tailored to your needs using cutting edge technology.

Types of Care

My goal is to get people out of pain for good, using non-force manipulation and Diversified methods, as well as musculoskeletal release, Intracell, Graston technique, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Cold Laser, and Physiotherapy.

Acute Care

Acute care is perceived as treatment for the reduction of pain when pain limits activities of daily living. Patients in need of acute care will often need to be treated more frequently until symptoms are resolved.

Rehabilitative Care

Rehabilitative care is a level of care that requires therapeutic activities, neuromuscular reeducation and specific myofascial or soft tissue treatments to address musculoskeletal deficiencies. Attention is given to the restoration of function and core strength, posture, and overall well-being.

Wellness Care

Some patients find us to facilitate continued health, while others reach for wellness care following management of health challenges. Wellness care focuses on maintaining health and vitality with a strong emphasis on diet, exercise, specific nutritional supplements, chiropractic assessment every 4-6 weeks, to sustain stamina and endurance needed to endure in a demanding world.​

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Flexible appointments and daily waitlist.

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Dr. Nall is the best chiropractor I have ever been too. I’m a paramedic, so I’ve seen my fair share of chiropractors. I’m never going anywhere else. She has a lot of education and passes some of it along to you when doing procedures. She always tells you what she is doing and why. She is gentle and it never hurts getting an adjustment. She has also been able to recommend some other things for my back that have really helped. I have highly recommended her to my friends, family, and coworkers.

Julia D.

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Flexible Scheduling and Daily Waitlists Available.

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